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Box Tree Protection Supplies

BuxDebar Box Tree CaterPillar Spray (RTU)

BuxDebar Box Tree CaterPillar Spray (RTU)

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BuxDebar is an all-natural spray that has be designed to protect your Box plants from the damage caused in the five instars of the Box Tree caterpillars. The product is a 100% natural essential oil-based product that is developed and manufactured in the UK & has been tested with Box Plant growers’ nationwide.

Bux Debar is available is two specifications:

  • 500ml Ready to use for the smaller box plant grower
  • 10 litre concentrate for the more established box plant grower.

Bux Debar is a part of the BuxSet strategy which targets the five instars of the caterpillar stage. By applying the Bux Debar weekly on the surface of the plant and most importantly into the heart of the Box plant Bux Debar will deter the hungry caterpillars from munching the leaves.

The caterpillar stage of the life cycle will occur three time a year, in some years as early as February and as late as October. We would advise to use Bux Debar with biweekly applications when caterpillars are visible.

Choose a dry day to spray your plant thoroughly, applying to all the leaves until you have a good coverage. Avoid applying in the hottest periods of the day, recommended application times are morning or afternoon.

If you have recently trimmed your plant, allow a two-day healing period before application

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